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April 18, 2013

Special News: My film Smoulder has played at the 2013 Auburn Film Festival. :)

Added this year's current batch of photographs. Some of them are unprocessed photos I found in my hard drive mess from last year; some of them I finished and didn't add because I didn't know how I felt about them. I'm no fan of sunset photos - I feel like the ones I took are exceptional though. Some good news is that I have access to a new camera, so I will no longer be using my Canon Rebel from the early 2000's.

March 20, 2013

Tonight, I spent the evening catching up my website with my current and postdated artwork. This website has been neglected for about a year, and I have added plenty of new works in art, photography, as well as updated the website in general. Take a cruise! There is still lots left to do. Part of the reason I have not updated my website is due to self-censorship. Some of new work may be a bit offensive or obscene, so please be mindful of that. I promise in the future, things will continue to become more obscene. It is a path I am heading in, and I have no regrets; however, I've carried a lot of tension over the past 2 years because of the subject matter of my work and I'm finally facing it like an adult. I've also been quietly toiling away at a comic book project, which is out the routine of what I post here. Please keep checking my sketchblog, which lets you keep progress on that and other works.

I have plans to give a full face-lift to this website and a trip to a rejuvenating spa. Do you notice it's kind of stuck in 2000's and starting to look kind of crusty?

Many things have also changed in my life, including moving to a new city - Montreal, and graduating NSCAD University. I have recently worked on a 5 minute short called Brewing Happiness directed by Michele DesLauriers, which is now finishing post-production. I was a camera assistant, grip, and the colourist. I've also start another blog - this time about colour correction. Go to to check it out and see some process work on Brewing Happiness.

My film, Smoulder, has also been released online - it is available at Youtube and Vimeo.

Justin Tomchuk's film, No One's Watching, has also been released online and is also available on Youtube and Vimeo. I was 1st AD, BG casting, and Colourist on this film.

Please share our work if you like it!!! Plus, check out this doc we made about a local Nova Scotian artist! Yes, a lot has been happening.

June 26, 2012

Added some new old artwork from a 2011 Anatomy Class under NSCAD.

June 17, 2012

I am announcing a new blog I have created which will act as my 'sketchbook' online. I am not fond of mixing my sketches or work I am less proud of...on my main portfolio website. I also thought people would be interested in seeing process work and hearing my dry insight into art making. Sketches, work-in-progress, and tangents. You also get to see me fail. This blog will also be the only thing tracking my progress on my new huge project...creating a comic book for print. Enjoy and share.

June 3, 2012

So it's been a very busy year for me! Smoulder has screened at the Montreal World Film Fesitval in the student category, as well in the 31st Atlantic Film Festival. Smoulder will be screening in the 1st OUTeast Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 16th, 3PM. It is part of a short film compilation; tickets can be purchased for $10 at the Neptune Theatre Office and or online on their website.

Recently, the crew of the 2012 Thesis year at NSCAD University finished the production of my new film, Crossing Over. Crossing Over is a film about Vanessa, a young adult whose life rapidly comes to a collapse with an aimless career, professional failure, or unrequited love. Vanessa finds herself failing at her job and as an actress. She discovers she was deceived when she proposes to a man who she thought loves her, only to find out later he has a wife and is starting a family. Through a new friend, Christine, and through a newly reinvented identity as Ivy, she finds herself entering a new lifestyle unknown to her.

The film is 14:20 min. It was produced with a very small crew on a collective budget of roughly $3000 during the month of March. I had the great opportunity to use at new camera at NSCAD for this project: the RED Mysterium. I was trained on the assembly and operation of this camera, and later on, the post-production workflow. I had the opportunity to colour correct two NSCAD films shot with this camera: Crossing Over and No One's Watching, written and directed by Justin Tomchuk. I was also First Assistant Director, Casting Director, and First Assistant Camera on our NSCAD films. I am waiting to hear back from several festivals submissions(10+) for Crossing Over and our other films.

As the last note, I have a new tool - a Wacom Intuos4 tablet, which I will be playing with. There is a lot of drawing and ceramic work awaiting to be uploaded from the past year or so that is in the midst of being documented.

April 26,2011

It's been a long while since I've updated this website, but I haven't forgotten about it. I have been busy with film courses and my 3rd year of NSCAD. I have added all photographed artwork from 2nd year, and a few new photographs for this year. I have updated my CV, and added information about my new film, Smoulder, under Video. Smoulder is not available for viewing: it is only viewable at screenings at potentially in film festivals for the next while. Smoulder's premiere was on April 20, 2011, at Park Lane in the Film 1 & 2 screening, which was great. Hopefully it will have more screening opportunities. Those interested in seeing/owning it (who are not actors in it) may purchase a copy of the DVD by contacting me.

June 19, 2010

Uploaded some of my paintings and drawings from this semester and summer. Still lots to document and post! No sizes available on them because they need to be measured. I also have things from my ceramics class, most in need of photographing and a page of their own. Some of it will not go up, because it is still lost at the Port after the exhibition - I'm really not happy with how that worked out. My pieces weren't labelled, priced, or properly displayed, and I was never informed where to pick them up or when, so they are still to be found. I am really disheartened, and I'll be surprised if I bring myself to take another ceramics throwing course if that is how I will be treated. Hang around - more stuff to come this summer. I'm always moving or something that's keeping me busy and distracted from updating my website.

April 21, 2010

My latest pottery is on DISPLAY & SALE @ the Port Campus April 20-24. Check it out if you can. The Port Campus is right beside Pier 21 on the south end of Marginal Road in Halifax, and is open till 11 on weekdays, and till 6 on weekends. I will eventually add this pottery onto my website, but seeing things in person is best. :)

March 14, 2010

I know I haven't put anything up for a while that I've made. I haven't had the daylight time to photograph anything, but I got some stuff up from my Intro Painting class. For those that check here very often, I update ever month or two. Also, I notice through my statcounter there are people from around the world (okay, mostly US and Canada but other places too) that come back to my website. Thanks for coming here.

January 5, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone! As part of my New Year resolution, I have my website remodelled and reorganized, and generally improved. I'm doing pretty well for New Year resolutions.. as I'm already done with the only one I can think of. I'd like my etsy shop to become somewhat succesful, but that's okay for now.

Anyway, as you can see, the website has been MOVED! to a real domain, and reorganized. Go pat Justin Tomchuk on the back for doing the dirty work for me. If you have this website bookmarked, please redirect your bookmarks to

Every art section has been updated. There is new artwork, new knitwork, new photography, and new video for 2009 and already 2010. Yeah, I'm doing pretty well if I got art up 5 days into the year. :P New products up in my etsy shop as well, if you're into knitwear and origami. Check it out.

Natasha and I are also doing a blog that may or may not be to your interest:

October 9, 2009

I've added 2 drawings to my 2009 Visual Art being a ridiculous picture of Rita MacNeil. I've also added my Lumiere project from David Middleton's class.

I made a facebook page for myself, which you can add for updates and the like. If you're interested in receiving updates by email, email this address: at gmail dot com.

September 7, 2009

I have added new works of photography and a drawing that I've recently completed, as well as a scarf. I'd like everyone to know this site is now running as version 2, having been upgraded from caveman HTML coding to PHP and CSS by Justin Tomchuk. Make sure to play around with the galleries. Let me know if there are any problems you find, if you have time. My email is on my Bio page.

I have also opened a store on! Please note that if you're interested in purchasing anything that is not in the store, it is all for sale unless stated otherwise (like it's...sold), and you're welcome to contact me by email about it. I am open for commissions, but they will likely be post-poned to a break period such as summer.

I've had a good summer working at Kreative Knits and Designs and living in a new apartment. This Wednesday, I will be going back to school to start my second year.

January 25, 2009

I had added new works to the General Gallery 2008 Visual Arts and Photography, and added the 2009 page with a few things. I've updated information on an older piece I did with Natasha. I fixed the problem with news for my dad...

December 15, 2008

I have finally updated my website in 5 months. I have been fairly busy. I have moved twice - the major move being to Dartmouth from Lindsay, Ontario; the second move was into a new apartment closer to my college in Halifax. School is great and exciting: I have put up all my drawing projects in my General Gallery section (some 12 pictures), and a few of the videos I made for Video class. I have also been very ill with allergies, and trying to work on commissions despite the occupation of school. I really apologize for sincerely to those who have commissions from me, and are waiting for them.

I am also adding some sculpture work from school, and finally my knitting stuff from the previous year. And, I will update my biography and likely add a link section to some decent artists. Finally, I am offering my service to anybody interested in photographing their work. I have a special method I've been practicing for years that makes my online images look so close to my original work. I am not sure of the price yet, but I garauntee it won't be anything ridiculous. :)

And for those friends who live in Lindsay: I am here till January 7th, and I'm willing to hang out with anybody interested. :)

July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day to everyone; Happy Birthday to myself. Life's aspect have kept me from updating, as well the meticulous task I had in line for this. I finally installed Dreamweaver, and have done some cleaning and updating on this site. I feel that somehow, there is a person out there who resents me for updating infrequently. The process of my idea turning into art, and then manually making it to your screen is a long journey. I have also decided back in .. last November? that I will not be devoting as much time to art till about this Fall. I have other things to deal with, and art is the least critical of them. Never think I have ran out of things to put up though. If I stop making art, you will still be bombarded with various bread and cake designs, if nothing else. This is not like an online comic, where if I stop posting for a while, it means I am running out of material. I feel I must explain this, even if I find these kinds of posts annoying. I am somewhat resentful of you, likely inexistent person.

Anyhow, my AP portfolio has been shifted to my Series section, since it is a series, and I am outgrowing it. I have replaced the link with a Latest Series link because I feel I am going to be doing a lot more series...which make it seem like I am producing nothing, being background work. So please refer yourself to my latest series, as it is up already. I have also added my tiny photography section for this year in the General Gallery. I feel less apt to produce photography; and partially, I am confused what of my photography I should treat as art.

For the teacher that wanted to rent my art.. you must contact me. I don't have your info. Same goes for the people who wanted to buy my sculpture, but have not replied to me yet.

I have some commissions to do in the summer. I welcome more. I will be moving to Nova Scotia at the end of August.

April 22, 2008

This time I was anticipating uploading my knitting stuff into my newly constructed 2008 gallery, but I haven't yet found a consistent way to document it. This makes me think, "Why don't I consider baking my art too?" but it is mainly because I work from recipes, and it's not intentionally artistic. Either way, at some point you will see Textiles as a section. :) You should also check out my flickr page. (now a link at the bottom)

Currently, I have uploaded all new (and some old, forgotten) work up since my last real update. I think it's some 7 pictures.

As for my portfolio, I have been accepted into NSCAD, yay. :D I'm mainly concerned with finding housing and getting money to move now more than anything. I still have to finish high school, and I'd like to garden in my left over time. I have too much reading to do daily to want to do anything visually straining like art or knitting.

February 17, 2008

Still nothing? My camera's sensor is dirty, so I can't take pictures of my work. I lost my CF card yesturday. I put no faith in scanners; we'll have to wait on updates. Most concerning thing is finishing my portfolio for NSCAD, which requires photographing. Creating work for it has been my main occupation; much of it involving knitting. So you can have something to look at, here's my less 'professional' display of creations.

Also, you may notice all sorts of Google ads everywhere on my site. I said to myself I would have an ad free site, but if they make me money and I need money, I unhappily agreed to it. This means: Can you guys please pointlessly click on things? Thank you.

You may also notice I've reorganized a bunch of stuff. All things that were in AP2 are now in my General Gallery, 2007 Visual Art. Everything new will be on the 2008 page. This has changed as I've solidly decided I am not going to submit to AP for a huge list of reasons, and because I don't feel like the work I have posted constitutes a series.

January 14, 2008

Well I guess it's been a mystery where I've been, but most people know I found a new hobby I'm obsessed over called knitting. I've also found it hard to work on art at home, or stay motivated. I've added a new piece I found very difficult to do. It kind of cycles back to my road of self-observational artworks. Right now I must finish my second last semester of highschool, so I'll be busy with that. We'll see...

December 3, 2007

Added 3 new pictures to my AP portfolio mess. Here's a painting I started. So far it's really exciting. :)

November 22, 2007

Clearly, it's been a while since I updated. I haven't felt well enough to actually keep track of time, or work on my computer. Not to mention, I mostly wasted time trying to fix my computer. Which it finally is, so I must NEVER experiment with it again. I must resist all temptations. Anyway, I threw in a good 4 pictures into my AP2 portfolio...which is a crazy train heading off the rails in terms of theme. I kind of like not knowing what I'm doing. It gives me freedom.

October 9, 2007

The anticipation of putting something up, and the anxiety of my seeming irresponsiblity to this site has caused to me to put up a very primitive state of my second AP portfolio. It can be found in Gallery as a separate section, and contains 3 pictures already. As you will see, it has replaced my unfinished portfolio section. Since I don't have very much to isolate into a portfolio, and have two up now anyway, it's redundant, and will be withheld till a time of better usage. I have also changed "Guestbook" to "Comments, etc." because I'm sure we all understand the concept of comments better than guestbooks/shoutboxes.

Thought related to AP: I am frustrated with the shackles of a theme. Personally, it makes me feel like I must know the final results of my work, plan obsessively, and should already know what I will learn. Maybe it's just my art teacher's approach to presenting the idea of themes that causes me to think this way, but picking a specific concept is unhelpful to me. It literally forces me into a box of set ideas, and I'm left unable to experiment beyond that as 'it's not part of my theme'. I can't find a lose state of mind doing a theme. I think a series of works has to emerge from one's art, not that they will just decide it will be so. Many good contemporary artists I have found thus far don't seem to be specific planners...maybe because art needs spontanity.

Currently, I'm not in the best of mental states, but I'll probably get over it. I better.

Vote for Green Party tomorrow. Not because that'd make them win, but it would underline what is important, which is what they represent: the environment, while we have one.

September 16, 2007

Well, I still don't have my computer running the way I want it to; I can't install OSX86 because there's no driver for my motherboard. But that's okay, because some intelligent programmers are working on it as I write. I'll just have to tolerate Vista for the while, which I might as well do since it was paid for.

I might not be putting up anything for a while because I'm doing another series, which I will have to organize first before I can put it up. I just don't know how it'll work yet, so people will have to wait.

August 29, 2007

I'll be back to doing more art once I finish obsessively trying to install OSX86 on my HP Pavilion that I just bought. Because this isn't actually meant to happen, this is a hard process, worsened by my amateur mistakes, but I'll do it whether or not it takes me another week. I refuse to use Windows Vista...

August 18, 2007

I haven't been working very much because I have gotten more sick than usual. I have learned from a good medical textbook that my liver is dysfunctioning, which attributes to constant muscle soreness, slouching, fatigue, and creates other problems, including depression and digestive problems. I am going to eventually go to a chiropractor, and I may possible be intolerant/allergic to milk.

I have updated Slumbering with better javascript, and a WIP (go look). If things don't seem different to you, try: CTRL+F5. I have also added a picture I have created for a contest on dA into Visual Arts, and a new multiple exposure photograph. :) I hope nobody noticed the lot of spelling errors in my bio, but it's too late now, because I fixed that too. Lastly, I've added a Guestbook, as seen on this page, since it's a more organized and encouraging way to keep all your remarks.

I'd also like to bring attention to this. This is a university's research program you install on your computer to run on low or idle processing power, to make better use of whatever amount of eletricity you waste leaving your box on. It 'folds' proteins to create information for research on how proteins work in our bodies, especially in relation to things like creating cancerous or dysfunctioning cells. Read about it. When you install this, you'll realize why they need to use other's computers to do this: it takes forever to completely fold one protein. (Note: It's kind of glitchy...)

August 4, 2007

I have uploaded 4 new photos into my photography section for this year. I have also added my most recent painting! I'm really excited about this one.

And happy birthday to Mariya, as it is tomorrow. :)

July 27, 2007

I have fixed an invisible javascript problem I've been having on here, so if things suddenly don't work - let me know. They're supposed to by this point.

I have also added some old (contour) drawings, and a photograph. I hope John doesn't mind I quickly grabbed my drawing from his room, photographed it, and put it back the exact way it was. I'll also be adding a cityscape series from Photography class I decided was good, eventually. Look for it to show up.

July 16, 2007

Finally, after much laziness to photograph, my AP Portfolio is complete.

July 9, 2007

I have added some new things to my 2007 Visual Arts in the gallery from my sketchbook. It's nice to practice updating. I have also added a counter to the bottom of this page.

July 7, 2007

Now that I am actually at home, I have added the This Has Happened series into the appropriate place: Series. I am particularly happy with this series (yes, it's actually something new), as it was really fun to do, and spontaneous. I'm content with the results, especially that I was actually able to show a concept with photography. For those interested, it was mainly made by overlaying sequential photographs in Photoshop, with my usual alterations. I find multiple-exposures very mesmerising.

July 1, 2007

Happy birthday to myself. My dad bought me a carrier rack for my bike and lalalalalalalala.

I am increasing font size, because it does look better, and is more readable that way. I hope this brings some attention to whatever little text is on this site. I am also adding a separate Series section to the Gallery for many reasons; it'll be beneficial.

June 27, 2007

The General Gallery is completely up to date. If there is errors in it somewhere, please let me know.

June 24, 2007

I am declaring my site open as of today, although it is still being worked on. There is enough here to be able to look. If you hit deadends and fall into holes while wandering through this site: be patient, as I am getting around to filling in all the blanks.

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